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New Braunfels, TX (830) 609-0361
Seguin, TX (830) 372-1470 FAX (830) 372-0930
Gonzales, TX (830) 672-1151
Luling, TX (830) 875-3280
Boerne, TX (830) 816-2464

Dial-Up Accounts Starting at $7.50*.

**Non-Dedicated Dialup Plans: Allows a single connection to the internet. Includes e-mail with multiple aliases, NNTP access, and FTP space on our server for personal use.

Internet Mailbox $7.50
Basic Internet Access(50 hours) $11.00
Monthly Access (Unrestricted) $21.50
Quarterly Access (Unrestricted) $54.00
Yearly Access (Unrestricted) $195.00
ISDN 64K Dialup Access $ 24.95
ISDN 128K Dialup Access $ 49.95
Activation charge on all dialup plans:


**Business/LAN Access Plans: If you need a service quote on anything not listed here, please feel free to contact our Sales Staff for a quote or call us at the numbers listed above. Each account includes an equal number mailboxes and static IPs for your business network to have access to the internet.

5 User Single Channel LAN Monthly Access $50.00
5 User Single Channel LAN Activation $50.00
14 User Single Channel LAN Monthly Access $75.00
14 User Single Channel LAN Activation $75.00

**Web, Mail and Storage: We offer complete internet services. Our web servers are compatible with Active Server Pages, limited CGI scripting, and support Front Page Server Extensions.

Commercial FTP Web Space Monthly Storage (5 Megabytes) $5.00
Commercial FTP Web Space Storage Activation $5.00
Internet Mailbox Monthly (5 Megabytes) $3.00
Internet Mailbox Activation $5.00
STATIC IP Monthly Allocation $20.00
STATIC IP Activation $15.00
SQL Server Monthly Access (up to 50 Megabytes) $20.00
SQL Server Database Installation $50.00
Server Co-location Monthly (Includes dialup access) $250.00
Internet Server Monthly Lease $100.00
Internet Server Installation $150.00
Primary DNS Monthly $20.00
Primary DNS Activation $30.00
Secondary DNS Monthly $10.00
Secondary DNS Activation $20.00

**Dedicated 24/7 Access Plan: Allows a permanent presence on the internet, 24 hours and seven days a week. Includes up to a class C subnet assignment. Either analog or digital access provided.

33.6/56K Analog, 64K ISDN Monthly $125.00
33.6/56K Analog, 64K ISDN Activation $125.00
128K ISDN Monthly $250.00
128K ISDN Activation $250.00

** All accounts are subject to applicable state and local sales taxes unless a tax exempt certificate is presented with the application.

*For Complete Pricing, Questions or Comments

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