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New Braunfels, TX (830) 609-0361
Seguin, TX (830) 372-1372 FAX (830) 372-0930
Gonzales, TX (830) 672-1151
Luling, TX (830) 875-3280
Poth, TX (830) 484-2604
Boerne, TX (830) 249-7894

Setup Your Internet Connection.
Disabling Domain Name Services and Enabling Server Assigned Name Servers.
Disable Call Waiting.
Creating a new Dialup Networking Connection.
Checking your IP Address.
Configuring Dialup Networking
Dialup Networking Save Password Option Unavailable.
Modem not Responding.
Accessing your personal web space.

Basic Internet Settings

The following information is provided to assist you in setting up your computer to use our services:

Dialup Access Numbers:
Seguin: 657-2542
New Braunfels: 721-2542
Gonzales: 262-2542
Luling: 874-2542
Floresville: 251-2542
Bandera: 595-2542
Uvalde: 375-2542
Fredericksburg: 668-2542
Kenedy/Karnes City: 586-2542
Pleasanton: 273-2542
Hondo: 987-2542
Pearsall: 316-2542
Bracketville: 497-2542
Del Rio: 288-2542

IP addresses are assigned at login.
Name Server addresses are assigned at login. If your system requires that you specify the addresses, please use the following numbers: Primary Secondary

Incoming Mail POP3/IMAP Server Name:
Outgoing Mail SMTP Server Name:
News NNTP Server Name:

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