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How to Find Your IP Address with Windows 95

While connected to, you are assigned an
IP Address. A special type of number which uniquely identifies your computer on the internet.

IP Configuration

  • Make sure you are connected to before you try the following procedure.
  1. Click the Start button and choose Run.

  2. In the Open text box, type winipcfg

  3. Click the OK button.
  4. Your IP Address will be displayed in the IP Address text area.
  5. Click the OK button to close the IP Configuration window.

How to Configure Auto-dial in Windows 95

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Point to Settings.
  3. Click Control Panel.
  4. Open Internet.
  5. Click AutoDial to put a check in the box next to it.
  6. In the field under Choose the Dial-Up Networking connection used to dial the Internet, click the down arrow.
  7. Click
  8. Click OK.

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